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Success in your business can boil down to a matter of degrees – in Fahrenheit or Celsius. That’s why we created the innovative Hot’n Cooler® insulated container, proven to keep your foods and beverages hot or cold longer.

In an independent study, Hot 'n Cooler® cooled down cans and ice faster than any other traditional hard, soft bag, or foam cooler on the market, and kept hot foods hotter. You can even bake right in your Hot 'n Cooler® up to 450ºF and freeze to -90ºF. From 9 quarts to 58 quarts, you’ll find just the right Hot 'n Cooler® for any job you need to tackle.

Perfect for tailgating. Ideal for catering.

  • Watertight FDA approved polyester surface inside and out

  • Ships and stores flat; tapered when built for easy stacking

  • Odor-free and chemical-resistant

  • Reusable and easy to clean

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