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The missing ingredient to success is your packaging. Now you’ve found it with the only tray you can bake and ship in. If you ship baked goods, you need Bake ‘n Ship.

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Our Story

Pat and Martha Haddon

The making of a Bake 'N Ship® Tray...

Packaging-Atlanta Corp., our parent company, was conceived in a small Marietta, Georgia condominium in 1983. Pat Haddon, who had been a broker in the packaging industry, decided to strike out on his own when he met Martha. The two made a great business team, and that’s not all. In 1984 they married. Their future together would include a life, a family, and a booming business.


Packaging-Atlanta quickly grew from a brokerage into a fully-integrated packaging manufacturer. The purchase of a 76,000 square foot facility in Canton, Georgia turned out to be the right move at the right time. In the late 1990’s Pat and Martha acquired Laminated Technologies Industries, LLC, and with it, the innovation that would make the Bake ‘N Ship® trays possible. The Bake ‘N Ship® name was trademarked in 1998, a name that fit perfectly. It described a first-of-its-kind laminated product which enabled a baker to pour, bake, and ship all in the same tray.


In Martha Haddon’s own words...

“We have always believed in packaging solutions that are practical, efficient, and innovative. We’ve designed our products to add value to our customers business by saving time, costs, and showcasing what they do. We work hard to simplify their life by supplying smart, quality products. We are successful when we make our customers successful.”


Bake’N Ship® Products is a DBA for our parent companies Laminating Technologies Industries, LLC. and Packaging-Atlanta Corp.


Our customers speak

"We continue to use the bake ‘n ship® tray…

it’s been over 10 years!"  Joe M.

"Better use of a baking tray than aluminum…"

– Carlos M.

"NO STICK!" – John A.

"We distribute to dozens of satisfied customers... nothing better!" – Sue L.

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