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Pads 'n Circles


Your masterpiece deserves the right foundation. Get perfect presentation and release every time with our LTI Processed® Pads ‘N Circles. With a patented film laminate wrapping, your baked goods will taste as good as they look with no corrugated flavor, no absorption, and no ink migration. You can even bake and freeze right on them with our grease resistant food grade FDA approved barrier. Don’t let the wrong cake pad ruin your best work.

Trust your masterpieces to LTI Processed® Pads ‘N Circles.

  • Circles ranging from 6 inch diameter to 18 inch diameter

  • Pads from 1/8 tray to a full tray size, or custom sizes

  • Available in non-metallic and metallic gold, silver, white and black, kraft and custom finishes

  • Variety of edges and materials, scalloped, straight, singlewall and doublewall.

  • Kosher Certified

Cake on Pad.png
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